Press Release

May 2017, Gary V, from Gary V flies Aaron N into Manhantten to interview him on his recent accomplishment of his “ideal life”. Aaron is wearing a dark grey polo and black pants with loafers to attend.

As Aaron walks into Gary Vee’s luxurious 6000 square foot place and they begin their interview their share this small talk.

G: So Aaron, you nervous?
A: about what?

G: About the fact that you’re clutching your glass?

A: *Chuckles* Gary, you always crack me up.

Interview snippet:

G: So Aaron, how does it feel? Tell me how it really feels to hit everything in your DMP.

A: It feels surreal. It feels like everything I’ve ever wanted. All those long hours. the long “focus on the process “and embrace the progress is what it takes to get there.

Press Release:

After a long and arduous process, Aaron has reached the pinnacle of success. He is living his idea life and after deliberating for years as to whether or not “he was fit”.. it didn’t matter. He had to believe in himself.

After trying various endeavors ranging from traditional network marketing, door to door sales, a stable 9-5 career he found true “direct sales”.

Aaron: I love the way that that it offers the blend of both worlds. Yes, upfront it cost a bit more but the value and the return gift is what is most exciting. On top of that, there’s no real “monthly cost” so once you’ve purchased it so to speak it’s done.

Having now the freedom to truly impact others, aside from Direct Sales, he says he’d love to become a philanthropist and take part in the “sharing economy”.

Aaron:  I find that most people make the best decision they can at any given moment. With that said, should a less than positive decision you made 10 years ago hamper your capabilities today? It is my hallucination that people should be given “half a chance” and that if they aren’t.. how are they going to truly pursue what it is they want. We’re only given this one great opportunity called life and so we are designed to make the most of it.