Week 8 – I’m not guessing this time

Quick snapshot.

I grew up in a world where asking people for help was “not encouraged”. It seemed like an arduous task and every time it resulted in being reprimanded or being told “figure it out”.

Here’s the catch from something I learned this weekend being at the event.

“You can’t solve your problem when you’re in the problem”

Crazy huh?

To break this down… this means that.. when you’re in the middle of something you can’t see it from the outside looking in.

You can only see it from the inside looking out which is why you can’t solve it.

Some tangible examples:

Someone trying to cut their own hair.. You might be able to do an “ok” job but it will unlikely be as well done as someone else helping you do it.

Running a company. We may have ideas and inklings but often our emotions play such a tremendous part in what we decide. That’s why a consultant would not get emotionally attached and can see where you need to improve.

A doctor. When we feel we are “off” we go see someone to help us… Can you imagine if we tried to self diagnose everything?

How this relates to me:

At this event.. I realized my biggest weakness that’s hindered me more than anything else…


I have had this unconscious belief that when I ask for help people will perceive me as dumb or that I’m not worth helping or some other belief.

Crazy what we believe…

In part 3 of this fascination we’ll discuss my pattern


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