Week 7 – the adversity continues

Did the title catch you?

“The adversity continues”

My greatest challenge has always second guessing myself.

Decision making has never been my strong suite and there are days I wonder… is it going to be worth it..?

Is everything I’m doing here worth it…

As much as I’d like to blame external items and factors it’s on me.

Now this isn’t meant to be negative but I made all those choices and I am in the place I am because of the choices I made.

You see, I missed the message.

I missed the message that if I was feeling a certain way.. to either amplify it or to lessen it.

I missed the message that things happening in my life were either confirming who I was or reminding me to enact change.

So I’m reminding myself..

This week I have a chance to spend a few days with my mentor and friends in an offsite retreat to remind me of how our brain and hearts interact.

How my decisions either amplify what it is I have or are telling me to change.

But most of all…

It’s reminding me.. That I am good enough, that I’ll be ok and it’ll be worth it



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