Week 3 – Where are we?

Old programming will be the death of me. I can still hear the thoughts that were permeated within my brain since I was a kid. It’s that constant reminder a “broken record” so to speak of someone saying the same thing over.. and over and over again…

The twisted part.. you don’t even know it seeped into your brain until later in life. You ever feel, “if only” I could.. Ya, me too I feel that a lot and in the moment I forget all my training that I learned. The fabulous news is.. thankfully I now know there is old programming this noggin of mine.

You see, I used to always miss the message. When someone said something I didn’t like.. it doesn’t mean “beat myself up emotionally or mentally” and believe them.. it means, do something about it notice that the other person is saying that because that’s “their thing”.

Which leads me to this…


Over the course of these two weeks, I’ve seen first hand how easy it is to “slip”. Sometimes, I’ll invent a story and then make myself believe it.. or I’ll invent some stuff in my mind to entertain it.. but if there’s one thing I’ve noticed is the magic triangle.. yess that one


is the key to life..

Because, you can TAKE MASSIVE ACTION… but without a doubt most people will eventually burn out because we haven’t changed our perceptions of anything. So we don’t see ourselves as that yet.

To me the word “Action” doesn’t seem to do it for me anymore.. Is it possible to “burn out a word”?


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