Week 2 – The resistance

Week 2 – The resistance

The first week is always the easiest. I’m within that 7-10 day window and my mind is 100% amped to get things going and rock it… I was on time, prepared and virtually focused throughout. Then came week 2 where I come off that high and you realize.. Damnnn I’m going to have to put work in.

So here I am putting the work in.

You see, most courses are short and quick but chances are it rarely sets you up for long term success. This is where the Masterkeys has me so pumped.

I’m pumped because I’m starting to get that we have to focus on the progress and the fact that everything is a process. It’s not something that we will see the final creation for today, tomorrow or even next week.

It’s also an opportunity to understand the cycle of how my life works.

It’s because you have the opportunity to build one muscle called “consistency” and you get to practice it for a solid 6 months. In life there will always be adversity and ebbs and flows. Once we understand the easiest way to navigate them then we can start to understand how to work with ourselves.

Things I noticed:

I’m also not a loud reader but as I’ve been practising and lowering the resistance of reading out loud I’m coming to realize that what we say out loud has a way to get it in our brain. It’s for this reason that when you repeat things several times it seems to “sink in better”.

I’m starting to form the habit of reading the blueprint builder consistently. It’s at times daunting realizing the scope we are playing at but… I always have to remind myself of the process.


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