It begins

I always felt different. From the moment I stared at the poka dot ceiling to the time I got told that we were sending me to a psychologist. I always felt confused, disenchanted and quite possibly depressed. No, I wasn’t prescribed Adderall or any other substance to assist me but I knew it. I knew something was off and I didn’t like it.

So I went along my life and believed I was different with the intention to seek what that is. You see on the outside I had it all; a loving family, played musical instruments, sports and was afforded every opportunity to “get ahead” but you wouldn’t know that I was extremely shy, had few to no friends and didn’t udnerstand what being a friend meant. It’s messed but it’s the truth.

So fastforward a bit and I realize that much of what I thought was correct and effective was actually incorrect and ineffective.

Here’s a brilliant example:

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

I was taught that from my early waking moments and had that hammered through me until about 25 years old. Funnily enough, I remember meeting people who “didn’t eat breakfast and yet they seemed in decent shape. It’s possible they were hiding something under their clothes but they weren’t visibly larger than the average person.

So I took that to heart and challeneged myself to “redo” my eating habits.

Could it be that “not eating break would actually be ok”?

This is around the time that alternative eating habits existed and.. surprise surprise.. in a short period of 90 days I recalibrated my eating habits so that I would have 14-16 hours of “rest time to digest” and 8-10 hours of “eating time”. While this is not ideal for everyone or a common habit or belief for most.. it works for me so I’m keeping it!

I already know without a doubt, when I’ll be “hungry” and that I can calibrate if needed.

The interesting this is.. had I not challenged my initial beliefs that were engrained in me since a child from various sources… none of it would have been possible.. and



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